Corporatist Turkey

The Attempt to Control Civil Society, 1920s-1940s



Corporatism, Reactionary Modernism and Radical Nationalism


Visions of Reactionary Modernism


Visions of Education Policy under Corporatist Rule


Ideological Hegemony over Literary Production


Promoting Literature as Propaganda


Turkification and Purification of the Language


Creation of a Fictional Geography and History for the Nation


Controlling the Production and Consumption of Music


Attempts to Monopolize the Press and Communication


Public Health, Family and Reproduction


Monopolizing Sports and Recreation


Raising Children as Defenders of the New Regime


Anti-femisim and Reactionary Modernist Visions of Womanhood


Eugenics, Social Darwinism and Racist Purity


Racism, Physical Anthropology and Ethnic Cleansing


State Control of Professions through Turkification


Promotion of National Production and Visions of Autarky


Attempts to Control and Promote Artisanal Production


Attempts to Control the Modern/Industrial Sector of the Economy


Attempts to Control the Peasantry and the Agricultural Production


Social Policy


Spatial Control through Rural and Urban Planning


Constitutional and Legal Arrangements for a Corporatist State